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 Renting out or selling your chalet or mobile home?

Renting out your chalet or mobile home:
We will take full care of everything. We arrange bookings, supervise during rental, make repairs if necessary and provide careful cleaning after each rental period. It is also possible to provide garden maintenance during the season if you do not have the opportunity yourself.
Of course you can specify when you want to rent out the chalet and if you want to use it for yourself.

To sell your chalet or mobile home:
If you want to sell your chalet or mobile home, we can mediate. Your chalet will be placed on our website with a lot of photos  and posters are hung on the chalet and at the reception of the Holle Poarte. By partnering with recreational centre de Holle Poarte by mentioning this on their website, you are assured of maximum accessibility to interested parties via the internet.
With interest by potential buyers, we provide extensive tours so that they get a good impression of your chalet.

For more information, please contact us.

Fam. de Jong

Telephone: +31 515 785010